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  • 31.10.2007

Lisa Rienermann

Type The Sky by Lisa Rienerman
Source: Design Inspiration

Graveyard Install by Laura Keeble

25th September 2007 4.15 pm
Idol Worship
North Road Cemetary, Southend.

The project was based on the theory of magical thinking, looking at belief systems and idol worship, and creating an intervention that like other work I have installed, plays with the viewers perception and with any luck (;-)) creates a pause for thought! The “headstones” were made from polystyrene, plaster and spraypaint. View more pictures.

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Location: Amsterdam. Function: student housing. Contributed by Naomi.

MIMOA: on-line Architecture Guide. Europe’s Modern Architecture organised, mapped and waiting to be discovered by You.

Wohngebäude (public housing), Berlin Kreuzberg

Wohngebäude (public housing), Berlin Kreuzberg

restmodern.de makes a record of typical post-war modernist buildings and architectural details in Berlin that are in danger of disappearing. For the latest photos in restmodern.de (2006/2007) see flickr.

With the help of 500 subscribers restmodern.de will be issued in the form of a book. The collected photographs double as an architecture guide. If you are interested, please visit restmodern.de

Amy Stein | Photography

“The photographs in this series are constructed based on real stories from local newspapers and oral histories of intentional and random interactions between humans and animals. The narratives are set in and around Matamoras, a small town in Northeast Pennsylvania that borders a state forest.” – Amy Stein.

See also: Women and GunStrandedHallowen in Harlem.

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alone at sea

Alone at Sea is a collection of photographs from my ancestral homeland in Sweden and from Minnesota where I grew up. The images depict not only the specific geographies of these two places, but also my exploration of the landscape as a site for the connections between home, history and personal identity. The images are a record of my response. As such, the landscape becomes more than a collection of physical characteristics. It becomes a back drop for feelings of familiarity, projected memory and emotional resonance.”
Grant Ernhart

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Robert Wyatt answering questions on his latest album “Comicopera” plus stories from his past…

“It’s really about the unpredictable mischief of real life – it’s sort of chaotic our life. It’s about humans and the things we turn to, and looking for fun and stimulus and meaning and stuff.” – Robert Wyatt

Go and see and listen
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Nokia: Nonstop Living
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My Virtual Library

  • 10.10.2007


My Virtual Library by Yann Sérandour}

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