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The Toaster Museum

  • 29.10.2008

The toaster Museum, an online archive of toasters through the ages.


  • 05.06.2008

Overside furnitures shaped as letters by the swiss brand Set26. The alphabet is available is various colours.
Would be really nice in our office :-)

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High Fashion Protection
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Suburban Tipi

  • 31.03.2008

John Paananen - Suburban tipi

By John Paananen
See more: John’s Flickr set

(via momeld

Apartment in a box

  • 16.03.2008


Belive it or not, inside this box, there’s an armoire, a desk, a height-adjustable stool, two stools, a six-shelf bookcase, and a bed with a mattress.
If you like this you should definitely check Matroshka compact living system and this smart space saving bed.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

Bookcase Bedroom


Leaf-shaped spoon
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Mon Oncle

  • 14.02.2008

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Car cut-aways

  • 01.02.2008

Car cut-aways VW

Cartype: Car cut-aways (Discovered on 37Signals Blog).

This kind of pictures arouse every time my curiosity, whatever the object is. We have an incredible amount of information that fit on those visuals, thus requiring a very clear image design and structure to juxtapose the infinite small and the infinite big of the object.
Today, computers are really great tools by reducing the time to produce and adjust those artworks. David Kimble is one of the last remaining masters in the art of traditional “hand draw” automotive illustration, you can learn more about his work here.

I also suggest you the dictionary “Le Visuel” Ariane Archambault and Jean-Claude Corbeil (thanks Ali). A multilingual version is available, a nice way to learn foreigns languages vocabulary! There are also kids editions and more.

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Madsounds / Otto

  • 17.01.2008


Every object and surface in our environment has a whisper; subtle tremors and vibrations that are usually undetectable to the human ear, produced by the activity and movement of daily life.

Duncan Wilson (in a collaboration with Manolis Kelaidis of IDE at the Royal College of Art.) designed OTTO (Greek for ‘ear’); a device that makes hidden sounds audible.

This is achieved via a thin polymer piezoelectric contact that senses weak vibrations and plays them as a sound through an integrated speaker. OTTO can be positioned on almost any surface through a combination of suction and magnets. By placing several units on different objects, one can select and create a new sonic experience and a form of ambient music appreciation, thereby utilising our space as a multidirectional audio platform.

See also portfolio details and project blog.
Found on Architectradure.

Brand name pencils

  • 10.01.2008

Brand name pencils

This site has been designed to visually introduce to you the incredibly diverse world of brand name pencils.


  • 02.11.2007

Jörg Gätjens

Designed by Jörg Gätjens.