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Typology 1979 (1979/2014) by joachim brohm

" Spomenik #1" , 2006 / 101 cm X 124 cm
” Spomenik #1″ , 2006 / 101 cm X 124 cm
© Jan Kempenaers

Spomenik by Jan Kempenaers

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lone tree
Lone tree

Industrial Landscap(ing) by J Bennett Fitts

 4x5" NEG, 2008. Constructional architecture from Iceland 01
4×5″ NEG, 2008. Constructional architecture from Iceland
© Rasmus Norlander

Arkitekturfotograf Rasmus Norlander
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  • 13.11.2008

Bildbau No 8, 2007
50 x 70 / 6o x 85 cm
Light Jet Print

Bildbauten by Philipp Schaerer


  • 23.10.2008

peri-urban landscapes in Europe
« Untitled », Euroland, 2000, lambda print 39.4 x 47.2 inches
34 photographs of peri-urban landscapes in Europe
taken with a 4×5 view camera.

Euroland by Edith Roux

Common Ground by Scott Strazzante

On July 2, 2002, Jean and Harlow Cagwin watched as their home — the last remnant of their 118-acre cattle farm in Lockport, Illinois — was torn down clearing the way for a new housing development. Several years later, Ed and Amanda Grabenhofer and their four children moved into the new Willow Walk subdivision, their house just yards from where the Cagwin’s home once stood.

Common Ground introduces us to the lives touched by this land, as photographer Scott Strazzante takes us on a visual journey exploring the differences and similarities of these two families while simultaneously asking us to look at what is common among us all.

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Hak Nam, City of Darkness, the old Walled City of Kowloon was an unmistakable presence in the midst of urban Hong Kong. It was also one of the city’s greatest anomalies. Built on a site measuring little more than 100 x 200 metres without recourse to legislation and with little regard for basic services.
The Walled City was home to some 35,000 people.

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Suburban Tipi

  • 31.03.2008

John Paananen - Suburban tipi

By John Paananen
See more: John’s Flickr set

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Maison tropicale

Isolated Building Studies

Isolated Building Studies by David Schalliol.


Location: Amsterdam. Function: student housing. Contributed by Naomi.

MIMOA: on-line Architecture Guide. Europe’s Modern Architecture organised, mapped and waiting to be discovered by You.

Wohngebäude (public housing), Berlin Kreuzberg

Wohngebäude (public housing), Berlin Kreuzberg

restmodern.de makes a record of typical post-war modernist buildings and architectural details in Berlin that are in danger of disappearing. For the latest photos in restmodern.de (2006/2007) see flickr.

With the help of 500 subscribers restmodern.de will be issued in the form of a book. The collected photographs double as an architecture guide. If you are interested, please visit restmodern.de