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It’s A Wonderful World
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Bar Code Revolution
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Typewriter Ribbon Tin Collection
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I Hate Dolphins

  • 21.02.2008

I Hate Dolphins

The Anti Dolphin League is dedicated to the total eradication of dolphins.
Yes dolphins!

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Record Envelope

  • 21.02.2008

Record Envelope

Record Envelope, a reference for vinyl geeks and graphic artists.

See also
LP Cover Lover, the world’s greatest LP album covers, 45s too.}

Kashiwa Sato

  • 15.02.2008

Kashiwa Sato
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  • 13.02.2008

Paul Rand

This site is meant to honor and pay utmost respect to the life and work of
Mr. Rand.

695 Business Cards

  • 11.02.2008

695 Business Cards

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Car cut-aways

  • 01.02.2008

Car cut-aways VW

Cartype: Car cut-aways (Discovered on 37Signals Blog).

This kind of pictures arouse every time my curiosity, whatever the object is. We have an incredible amount of information that fit on those visuals, thus requiring a very clear image design and structure to juxtapose the infinite small and the infinite big of the object.
Today, computers are really great tools by reducing the time to produce and adjust those artworks. David Kimble is one of the last remaining masters in the art of traditional “hand draw” automotive illustration, you can learn more about his work here.

I also suggest you the dictionary “Le Visuel” Ariane Archambault and Jean-Claude Corbeil (thanks Ali). A multilingual version is available, a nice way to learn foreigns languages vocabulary! There are also kids editions and more.

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Mutinerie (Mutiny) book questions the notebook form and tries to imagine its cross-ruling rebelling against the straight, attempting to be free and breaking the rigidity established in a arbitrary way.

Mutinerie (Mutiny) by Merci Bernard
170mm x 220mm (6,7inches x 8,6inches)
40 pages

Julien Vallée

  • 24.12.2007


Julien Vallée
Direction artistique, motion & design graphique.
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Alex Trochut Artwork

Alex Trochut – Creativity, Type & Illustration.

“I love type and illustration. I don’t choose either as a preference, but I particulary like when both are present.”

Graphic Design on the Radio

Presented by Adrian Shaughnessy from This is real art.
Resonance 104.4FM

The programmes featured interviews with leading designers who talked about their work and played music that inspired on influenced them. Graphic Design on the Radio will be back on air sometime in 2008.
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Magenta - In memoriam

Free Magenta by Lava.nl

T-Mobile doesn’t want other Dutch companies using the colour Magenta (bright pink) for their stationary or advertising campaigns.
Deutsche Telekom, the mother company of T-Mobile, has registered Magenta® at the European brandoffice.}


  • 17.09.2007


I wish you Happy Birthday and a long life with wearebuild! Thank you for all the visual pleasure during these years! Your work is so strong, so beautiful and so simply generous! I hope that you will continue, for a long time, to give us sweetened food for our eyes! youarelife.