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South Philadelphia

  • 31.01.2008

Broad Street. 2006

Broad Street. 2006

See more from the series South Philadelphia (work in progress)
Photographer website: Justin James Reed}


  • 31.01.2008

Watermelon Peels, Moscow, Russia

Watermelon Peels, Moscow, Russia

See more from the project remains
Photographer website: Sasha Rudensky
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18 landscapes

  • 31.01.2008

Untitled Landscape
Untitled Landscape.
See more from the series 18 landscapes
Photographer: Mark Wyse

The Afterlife of Cellphones
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Madsounds / Otto

  • 17.01.2008


Every object and surface in our environment has a whisper; subtle tremors and vibrations that are usually undetectable to the human ear, produced by the activity and movement of daily life.

Duncan Wilson (in a collaboration with Manolis Kelaidis of IDE at the Royal College of Art.) designed OTTO (Greek for ‘ear’); a device that makes hidden sounds audible.

This is achieved via a thin polymer piezoelectric contact that senses weak vibrations and plays them as a sound through an integrated speaker. OTTO can be positioned on almost any surface through a combination of suction and magnets. By placing several units on different objects, one can select and create a new sonic experience and a form of ambient music appreciation, thereby utilising our space as a multidirectional audio platform.

See also portfolio details and project blog.
Found on Architectradure.


Mutinerie (Mutiny) book questions the notebook form and tries to imagine its cross-ruling rebelling against the straight, attempting to be free and breaking the rigidity established in a arbitrary way.

Mutinerie (Mutiny) by Merci Bernard
170mm x 220mm (6,7inches x 8,6inches)
40 pages

Brand name pencils

  • 10.01.2008

Brand name pencils

This site has been designed to visually introduce to you the incredibly diverse world of brand name pencils.

Animal holes

  • 10.01.2008

animal holes

See more from the series animal holes
Photographer website: Eirik Johnson

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  • 09.01.2008

neunplus | fotografengemeinschaft

See more from the project borderland – south germany, 2005-2007.
Photographer website: Klaus Muenzner. Member of neunplus, a collective of independent photographers based in berlin.

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Chocolade haas

  • 09.01.2008

Made by Lernert Engelberts & Sander Plug.
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