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Scrape, 2005

See more from the series Life is a series of small moments
Photographer website: Elizabeth Fleming
+ Elizabeth Fleming’s blog


  • 06.05.2008

See more from the series School.
Photographer website: Raimond Wouda.

Pauline et Pierre

  • 29.04.2008

Under the title of “Pauline et Pierre”, the names of his two children, Hugues De Wurstemberger created one of the most surprising, accurate and moving family albums. Full of life and emotion…

Rites of passage

  • 19.02.2008


See more from the series rites of passage
Photographer website: Przemyslaw Pokrycki

The Mother project

  • 16.11.2007

Tierney Gearon - The mother Project

Tierney Gearon’s photographs have been called manipulative, disturbingly ambiguous, even perverse; the London police demanded that the Saatchi Gallery which first showed the offending photos of her young children take the pictures down. Tierney has always maintained she loves her subjects deeply and understands them better than anyone else. How could she not? They are her family.

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Colin Pantall

Colin Pantall‘s “Sofa Portraits” show his young daughter watching TV.