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Conserve the sound

  • 16.05.2018

Listen: Orso Jesenska

Tenniscoats – Baibaba Bimba | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque .

shall we yet sing
in these dark times?
yes – let us sing…
these dark times

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war & exile – hanns eisler & bertolt brecht
performed by marianne pousseur & kaat de windt

Felix’s Machines

  • 16.02.2009

Loops and re-edits by Felix Thorn for Felix’s machines, recorded at Gasworks 2008, listen and download

Samba Saravah

  • 19.12.2008

Thanks to Jérôme poloczek.

Masterclass from Arvo Pärt. Episode from “24 preludes for a Fugue”.
Merci Jérôme

Hole in one

  • 15.09.2008

by Lullatone

Take a look around Lullatone’s site and flickr — there’s a lot to see and hear.
Via Stork Bites Man

Mount Eerie live in Berkeley 2005

KLIMEK “for Azza El-Hassan & Steven Spielberg”
From the album “Dedications” – Anticipate Recordings, NYC, 2007
Sebastian Meissner website: Random Industries /// Sebastian Meissner

Flying Lotus‘ Los Angeles album is available at Warpmart.
Cover AD by Michael C. Place.}


  • 26.07.2008

By Fugazi.


Move Me

  • 17.07.2008

By Gudrun Gut.