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GAZA on my mind

  • 30.12.2008

GAZA on my mind

By Mazen Kerbaj
Beirut, Lebanon

Silvana Reggiardo

  • 22.12.2008

lieux communs: paysages

Silvana Reggiardo. Photographer.

Samba Saravah

  • 19.12.2008

Thanks to Jérôme poloczek.


The last days of Shishmaref, an Inupiaq community swallowed by the seaif (document.currentScript) {

POTAGERS: Printemps 01

Photographer website: Marie Baronnet

Beyond history

  • 03.12.2008

Las jemelas – Havana, 2000

Beyond History
Havana 1998 – 2006
Poetic Documentary vs Dirty Realism

Photographs, artwork and texts: Vincent Delbrouck
Poems: Pedro Juan Gutiérrez
Published by BOLD PUBLISHING (Amsterdam)

I am alive today (history of an AIDS drug)
written and directed by Vincent Detours & Dominique Henry