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Thomas Mailaender

  • 28.11.2008

From the “items” series.



  • 24.11.2008

Curtains by Wyne Veen

Truck & Type

  • 24.11.2008


  • 13.11.2008

Bildbau No 8, 2007
50 x 70 / 6o x 85 cm
Light Jet Print

Bildbauten by Philipp Schaerer

Colour Pencils

  • 13.11.2008

Colour Pencils by Jonna Pohjalainen

Colour Pencils by Jonna Pohjalainen

L’âge critique

  • 10.11.2008

L\'âge critique by Nicolas Savary

L’âge critique (The sensitive age) by Nicolas Savary

book (design) stories

Book (design) stories
from new typography to swiss style
modernist book design in germany and switzerland 1925–1965 (and beyond)


  • 04.11.2008

avenue de stalingrad, brussels
Stalingradlaan/Avenue de Stalingrad – BXL

100 interventions in the Brussels public space, a project by Ura with Topotronic

The Pink & Blue project

The Pink & Blue project by JeongMee Yoon