Dog Days, Bogotá, is a powerful series of photographs by Alec Soth.

My wife and I adopted our baby girl, Carmen Laura, from Bogotá, Colombia. While the courts p rocessed her paperwork, we spent two months in Bogotá waiting to take Carmen home.

Carmen's birthmother gave her a book filled with letters, pictures and poems. “I hope that the hardness of the world will not hurt your sensitivity,” she wrote, “When I think about you I hope that your life is full of beautiful things.”

With those words as a mission statement, I began making my own book for Carmen. In photographing the city of her birth, I hope I've described some of the beauty in this hard place. — Alec Soth.

The Book
96 pages, 65 colour plates
22.8 cm x 22.8 cm
STEIDL Photography International
Publication date: July 2007